About Course

MBA with Microsoft Bid Data, Business Analytics and Data Science program emphaizes on "Analytics", one of the hottest technology topic in the world, which is a strange mix of arts, science and technologies. The course focuses on Processes,techologies and techniques, which turn data into information and knowledge that drive business decisions.

MBA- Master In Business Administration (with Microsoft Big Data, Big Analytics & Data Science) 

Semester 1

  •  Economics For Managers 
  • Organizational Behaviour
  •  Accounting for Managers
  • Statistics for Management
  •  Marketing for Customer Value
  • Business and Industry 
  • Soft Core: Communication Skills  

    Semester 2

  • Technology for Management
  • Managerial Research Methods
  • Enterpreneurship nad Ethics
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Management
  • Quantitative Techniques and Operations Reserach
  • Sof Core: Innovation Management

    Semester 3

  • Strategic Management & Corporate Governance
  • Projects and Operations Management

Elective Sublects

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Health Care Management
  • Banking Fiance and Insurance Services Management(BFIS)
  • Startups and SMES Management

Three Elective in Specialization Streams

  • Open Elective:
  • Project Work For 4 Weeks

    Semester 4

  • International Business Dynamics

 Elective Subjects

  • Finance 
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources 
  • Health Care Management 
  • Banking Finance and Insurance Services Management (BFIS.) 
  •  Startups And SMES Management

Three Electives in Specialization Streams 

 Dissertation For 6  Weeks

Semester 1 :Fundamentals 

Course 1 : Data Science Orientation

Course 2 : Querrying Data with Transcat -SQL

Course 3 : Analysing and Visualizing Data with Power BI / Analysing and Visualizing DAta with Excel

Course 4 : Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics *From Coloumbia University


Semester 2 : Core Date Science

Course 5 : Introduction to R for Data Science / Introduction to Python for Data Science

Course 6 : Data Science Essentials

Course 7 : Principals of Machine Learning

Semester 3 : Applied Data Science

Course 8 : Programming  R with Data Science / Programming with Python for Data Science

Course 9 : Applied Machine Learning / Developing Intelligent Apps

Semester 4 : Project Work: Big Data Analytics

Course 10: Implementing predictive solutions with Sprk in Azure Hdinsight